Linguistic landscape analyses in Jacarezinho-PR and Ourinhos-SP

Fernanda de Cássia Miranda, Eliana Soares


Abstract: The contemporary world has experienced broad contact with the English language, which has spread through globalization, in mobility processes, translingual practices and reconfigurations of uses , giving rise to English as a Lingua Franca. In times of globalization, the spread of this language has been accelerated by the media, digital and personal contacts. The English language, then, has been appropriated and performed in different places in a globalized context, both in oral and visual forms in local performances. In this article we bring some examples of linguistic landscape, i.e.  manifestations of the English language (and also other foreign languages) in signs, advertisements, names of commercial establishments, graffiti, semiotic resources, among others, in the cities of Jacarezinho-PR and Ourinhos-SP, according to the researches made in the year 2016. The data reveal that the choice of the English language in the names of the establishments in those cities is related to the prestige that this language represents, present in the fashion world, technology, personal influences, status, identity and mobility.


Globalization. Linguistic landscape. English Language. Jacarezinho. Ourinhos.

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