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The Argumenta Journal Law invites the academic community to submit papers that will be part of the Special Issue about the 100 years of Social Rights in Constitutions.

The Mexican Constitution of 1917 was the first to guarantee labor rights (right to join trade unions, right to strike, assured minimum wage, among others) and to constitutionally ensure agrarian reform. These innovations set in motion a new model, the Welfare State, which had a juridical repercussion on the format of a social constitutionalism, later adopted in the Constitution of Weimar (1919) and, in Brazil, in the Constitution of 1934.

The genesis of constitutionalization of social rights is related to the incongruity of the social order, in which freedom was enjoyed in proportion to the economic power, the result from a logic "as more wealth it accumulates, more misery multiplies." In this sense, social rights carry with them a transformative note as they aim at the readjustment of the wealth produced in favor to the human condition protection. In this perspective, the intention is to combine a project of social emancipation with a classic Rule of Law. This model ideologically legitimizes itself by constitutions that express values of solidarity, that attempt to depoliticize the social question, by dedramatizing social problems.

In 2017, a milestone is celebrated on the centenary of social constitutionalism, an opportunity to discuss its legacy and the obstacles to its accomplishments, especially in contexts of profound economic inequality. To this end, the present call for papers is intented to gather research on social constitutionalism and its achievements, but also the challenges posed by the globalizing phenomenon and the crises (economic, political and social), which question the survival of the model, especially in Latin America.

SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS: Individual and Co-authored papers  will be accepted  (a least one author must hold a PhD degree). The articles can be written in Portuguese or on a foreign language  (Spanish or English).

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PUBLICATIONS: the papers will be reviewed under the Argumenta Journal publishing terms. Accepted papers will be published on issue nº 27 (jul-dec 2017).  

DEADLINE: September 29th, 2017.